CWC is Looking for a Few Good Women!

k9565857 The Cape Women’s Coalition has three openings on our Advisory Committee, including the records position on the Steering Committee.
If you are interested, please send a message to:
telling us about yourself and why you are interested.

The Advisory Committee meets the second Thursday of every month from 6-8pm. Below are descriptions of the CWC’s Vision, Mission, Goals, and Strategies, and our Organizational Structure, including the Advisory Committee and the Records position on the Steering Committee. (This information can also be found on our website, on the About page and the Advisory Committee page.)

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Thank you!


About the Cape Women’s Coalition
More voices of women in the conversation creates a balance in leadership and decision making that results in significant changes in the way our communities function.

The Cape Women’s Coalition (CWC) is a non-partisan coalition of individuals and representatives of organizations and groups working together as an agent of change to encourage and support women to enter public life and become leaders through civic engagement.

• To educate the public about the benefits of a better balance in decision-making and leadership at all levels
• To recruit, mentor and train women at a grassroots level in traditional and non-traditional ways

Guiding Principles/Values:

• Build upon strengths and existing work already underway
• Do the work through existing organizations when possible
• Operate by consensus
• Be inclusive and deliberate/intentional on diversity including geography, age, cultural, racial, sexual orientation and more.
• Foster an atmosphere of civil dialogue
• Take an action-oriented approach
• Take risks by trying out different things and using non-traditional approaches


• Stimulate action via speakers, outreach, info sessions and social media
• Annual breakfast for International Women’s Day
• Mentoring & recruitment
• Tracking activities & what works
• Create opportunities for training women to build skills
• Create a network
• Build upon small successesWhat does it mean to participate?
• Attend meetings and events, contribute time and talents and join the Coalition.

Cape Women’s Coalition Organizational Structure:

The structure consists of an affiliation of all individuals and organizations who wish to assist in promoting our mission and soliciting financial supporters.

Of these individual and organization members, a functional committee (15-20 individuals) volunteer to be the Advisory Members committed to actively supporting and participating for one year (May 1 to April 30) to the mission and vision of CWC.

All other individuals and organizations who subscribe to the mailing list are Constituency Members and may assist on identified projects, committees and events. If you’d like to sign up for that email list please use this form: Signup Form.

Of the Advisory Members 7 to 9 individuals are nominated to the Steering Committee. These individuals actively move the coalition’s mission forward by committing to a one year term, consistently participating in the planning and execution of the mission and its programs.

Each person on the Steering Committee manages one of the functions of the Steering Committee.

Records Position:

(This position can be handled by one member or shared between two members)
a. Maintains the history of organization, i.e. minutes, etc.
b. Manages cloud storage of standard information (minutes) and as requested files per direction of Steering Committee
c. Produces the minutes of the monthly meetings and copies the Steering Committee
d. Distributes the notices/agendas to the Advisory Members and reports to Steering Committee and Advisory Members as requested

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