Advisory Board


Cape Women’s Coalition Organizational Structure:

The structure consists of an affiliation of all individuals and organizations who wish to assist in promoting our mission and soliciting financial supporters.

Of these individual and organization members, a functional committee (8-10 individuals) volunteer to be the Advisory Members committed to actively supporting and participating to the mission and vision of CWC.

All other individuals and organizations who subscribe to the mailing list are Constituency Members and may assist on identified projects, committees and events. If you’d like to sign up for that email list please use this form: Signup Form.

Organizational Structure

1. Chair:

a. Manage the annual goals and objectives of the coalition
b. Maintains contacts with functional leaders to ensure progress
c. Creates monthly agendas, facilitate Steering Committee meetings
d. Establish policies

2. Treasurer:

a. Establishes annual organizational budget
b. Tracks expenditures and revenues to maintain knowledge of available funds
c. Makes payments when appropriate on our behalf
d. Oversees our funds currently held as an accommodation by WILPF
e. Maintain contact with WILPF treasurer

3. Clerk:

a. Produces the minutes of the monthly Advisory Board meeting and copies the Advisory Board
b. Distributes the notices/agendas to the Advisory Board in collaboration with the Chair and reports to Advisory Board as requested
c. Is the liaison to the Communications Committee to ensure all communications are timely and created and disseminated following the guidelines of the CWC digital media policy
d. Maintains the history of organization, i.e. minutes, etc
e. Manages cloud storage of standard information and forms and requested files per direction of Advisory Board




a. Coordinates promotional and marketing activities of the organization

i. Newspaper articles
ii. Articles for FaceBook page

b. Coordinates Social Media
c. Maintains website and FaceBook page
d. Coordinates electronic messages, i.e. e-blast, e-vites, etc.
e. Maintains the Constituency list (currently in Mail Chimp)


a. Manages the annual International Women’s Day Breakfast
b. Oversees and executes other programs and informational sessions through additional member committees

Wome VoteWhile a member is responsible for the execution of a specific function above, it is assumed additional individuals, in the form of a support committee, will assist. No one is expected to do it all. These additional support individuals may be other Advisory Members, from the general Constituency, or from members of the public who simply want to help

Please send an email to  if you have an interest in the committee.  One of the members of the Advisory Board will contact you to discuss your interest in more detail.