International Women’s Day Breakfast March 2, 2018


Thank you EVERYONE for making this year’s CWC International Women’s Day Event a resounding success! Despite the impending storm we had an enthusiastic group of women join us to hear, celebrate and support resilient women in our community!

Watch this video for a glance into the event!

video courtesy of Cape Cod Community Media Center

Please consider joining us every 4th Friday of the month at the Optimist Cafe for our Friday Roundtable Breakfasts. We will continue to discuss, educate and guide women as they continue their journeys in civic engagement on Cape Cod

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This year’s theme is WE ARE RESILIENT! It has been an exciting year for women and women’s drive to be heard and have a seat at the table will continue!

The  energy to make positive change; to be heard; to tell our stories and share our perspective has continued to blossom as the national political scene becomes more and more tumultuous.

Women’s representation and voices at the table are an essential ingredient to the future success of our country. Come hear stories of women-just like you-who found their voice, a passion for their cause and are making a difference in our local policies.

An opportunity to learn how to craft your story and to tell it to your local officials is just one skill you will take away from this year’s breakfast.

We know you will be inspired to continue the work we all started last year!

Come learn and be inspired to act!

Show the world that We Are Resilient!